The Main Damie Podcast - Nintendo Switch and Trailers for Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2

October 24, 2016

On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, we get a report from Dan on New York Comic Con, take a stroll to Video Game Corner, and discuss the two most recent comic book movies trailers. We open the podcast giving more details on our Extra Life Charity Marathon, which will take place on November 5th at 9 a.m. To donate, please visit our fundraising page at If you cannot donate, we hope you tune in and watch the craziness at

We begin our topics with Dans man-on-the-street report from New York Comic Con. Despite having fun while he was there, he noticed that it was less enjoyable than years past. We discuss what cosplay outfit he saw, and the practicality of bringing a fake (?) sword to a public event. He also gleefully tells about finally meeting his idol, and getting a photo with them.

Our visit to Video Game Corner begins with a discussion on Nintendos new system the Switch. Mark also gives us his final review on both 100ft Robot Golf and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and previews some games coming soon. He also shares his thoughts on the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 and why Rockstar failed to deliver with its trailer for the game.

We finish this episode with a lengthy discussion on both the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser and the Logan trailer. Everyone agree that while the Guardians trailer was good, it didnt do enough to bring in those who werent already buying tickets. With all that said, the jacket on little Groot is badass. On the other hand the Logan trailer has us thoroughly excited for a good standalone Wolverine film.


Since this is the last show before our 24 hour livestream, here is the address for our fundraising page: We hope you enjoyed this episode, and make sure you tune in November 5th at to watch us slowly lose our mind.



The Main Damie Podcast - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Joe Paterno, and Superhero Movie Talk

September 26, 2016

On this episode of The Main Damie podcast, Mark and Anthony are joined by Dan, whose schedule has finally settled down enough that he is able to join us. We catch up with him, and learn that he is considering seeing a remake of a 17 year old horror movie. Then, we spend most of the first half talking about Brangelina.

Our first topic is another stroll to Video Game Corner, and Mark updates everyone on what he’s been playing and he tries again to explain No Man’s Sky to Anthony. He also gives an update on his progress with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and will hopefully have a final review by the next episode. We also use this time to solve a moral conundrum for Dan.

Topic two is the most serious one that we’ve had on the podcast (unless you count the 20 minutes of Debbie Gibson talk), and something that both Anthony and Mark have a connection to. Surprisingly, Dan leads us into a discussion about Joe Paterno and the honoring of him before the Temple-Penn State game. As alumnae of the University, the duo has plenty to say about this issue, and we get to see their more serious side until Mark unknowingly breaks the tension.

Our final topic is a hodgepodge of different news items and updates on website content. We begin with superhero movie speculation, then transition into Mark’s yearly TV pilot plans and we finish with an update on our Extra Life Gaming Marathon for charity.

For more details on how to donate you can visit our Extra Life page at  Remember, you can donate anytime between now and December 31st, and the marathon will be held on November 5th. 

If you’ve read this far, then I’ll let you know that we didn’t talk about Brangelina. The Main Damie is obviously #TeamAniston. 



The Main Damie Podcast - Stranger Things, Extra Life, and Playstation Pro

September 11, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Main Damie Podcast, Mark and Anthony soldier on without Dan, and discuss Extra Life, Stranger Things and PlayStation’s “meeting” in New York. We also learn that Mark’s youngest niece may be the only person whose blood is actually truth serum. As Mark puts it, she will answer any question minus the filter that most people older than five have. 

The first topic of the show is about Extra Life and our participation in it. Mark explains more about exactly what the event is and why we’ve decided to get involved. Since our first mention of it last episode, we have solidified more details of what we plan on doing for the 24-hour stream and the possibility of video content coming to the Web site as we test our equipment and make sure we are prepared for a full day of streaming. For more details, you can visit our Extra Life page at Remember you can donate anytime between now and December 31st.

We move on from promoting our charity endeavor to discuss Anthony’s thoughts on the Netflix’s phenomenon, Stranger Things. This spurs a discussion on serialized shows such as The Night Of and Atlanta, and whether Mark is going to take the plunge in to watch Broadcast TV pilots, which he will because he is a masochist.

The majority of our episode is spent breaking down Sony’s reveal of the PlayStation Pro earlier in the week. Even after a few days, Mark still doesn’t understand what Sony accomplished by releasing a console that will be completely underpowered in less than 18 months. He’s disappointed that they didn’t change course after Microsoft revealed what will essentially be their new console at E3. The only thing he can think of is Sony is hitching its wagon to VR and needed a slightly powerful machine to run it properly. 

Next week, we hope to have Dan and a lot more details on Extra Life. Make sure you keep an eye on the Web site for more information about the marathon and all video content coming to The Main Damie.



The Main Damie Podcast - NXT Wrestling, Zendaya, and Video Games

August 26, 2016

On this very special episode of The Main Damie Podcast, Mark and Anthony discuss everything from the awful planning of the MTA to the introduction of an ambitious event being held in the fall. Even without Dan, our beautiful Damies mange to give the audience the hour-long podcast that they demand.

We begin with Mark recapping the awesome, yet hellish Saturday he spent in New York. He was in the city for the WWE’s NXT Brooklyn special, and decided it would be easiest to travel to and from the event using the Big Apple’s great mass transit system. Little did his know, the MTA decided to choose that weekend for a scheduled shut down of certain train lines between Manhattan and Brooklyn, which included the train that would have dropped Mark off right at his hotel. Despite that, he discusses why the event was still worth all the hassle.

We then move on to the second topic, which basically is a roundup of the comic book/movie news of the past two weeks. Mark and Anthony don’t understand the backlash to Zendaya being cast as Mary Jane in the next Spider-Man film. As long as she doesn’t drag the film down, they don’t see any real downside to the decision. They also touch on Jared Leto’s statements and why he’s not really a method actor.

The episode closes with Mark discussing his experience with No Man’s Sky, and why the controversy surrounding it was way overblown. He also previews the upcoming Sony event on September 7th, and what he expects to be shown there. He also has a short tangent on why Time Magazine’s list of top 50 video games is driven more by the writers’ age than the actual impact of the games. 

Finally, Mark and Anthony reveals some exciting new things coming to The Main Damie, including our participation in the Extra Life 24-hour charity gaming marathon to support The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The marathon will take place on November 5th, but we have not settled on a start time yet. 

You can donate at any time by following this link: More details will follow in the coming weeks. If you cannot donate, we hope you at least hang out with us during the stream, which will be broadcast Hope to see you then!



The Main Damie Podcast - Suicide Squad *Spoiler* Edition

August 11, 2016

The time has finally come. One of our most anticipated releases has arrived, and our trio has some things to say about it. This episode is dedicated to DC second major film this year, Suicide Squad. While the gang liked it better than its predecessor, there were still major problems with the film. Even though their opinions weren’t all that much different, the effect on each Damie's final verdict was wildly different.

Before jumping into the main discussion, Mark gave his first impressions on the highly anticipated space exploration/survival game, No Man’s Sky. As of the recording, he was only a few hours in, but did indicate that the game wasn’t for everyone, and that for the size of the team (around 15 people), it is delivering an experience that you would expect from a much larger studio. He promises to give a full review on the next episode.

Our heroes spend the rest of the episode dissecting the mess that is Suicide Squad. We begin with Mark’s thoughts, which falls somewhere in between his compatriots as he enjoyed the movie but understands that it is a poorly constructed film. He makes a comparison to Fast and the Furious, in the sense that he won’t seek out the film but if it is on TV, he’ll watch it.

Now that the boring part is out the way, we let Dan have the floor and he lets loose on the film in a way that only a DC fan can. He is unable to look past the negatives like Mark, or forgive some of them like Anthony, and gives the film a below average score. While he does find some redeeming qualities – Will Smith’s performance – he still finds issues within that positive.

They finish the episode with a short discussion on Jared Leto’s Joker, his relationship with Harley, and whether he even need to be in the film. As with their overall feelings on the movie itself, our loveable trio find common ground in some areas, but feel wildly different about others. They do agree that a complete opinion of the character can’t be made until we see him in the standalone Batman film.

We hope you enjoyed this episode, and look forward to next time when we break down why there needs to be a solo Captain Boomerang (What was the deal with the pink unicorn?) movie.

If you haven’t already, please read Anthony’s review of Suicide Squad, which gives a full breakdown this flawed film.



The Main Damie Podcast - Pokemon Go and San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up

July 29, 2016

On this episode, two of our intrepid Damies, Mark and Anthony, solider on without Dan and still find a way to talk for an hour without a single mention of Debbie Gibson. The episode focuses mostly on San Diego Comic Con and the resurgence of the DC theatrical universe.

As per usual, their conversation is not even minutes old when Mark mentions pro wrestling. He is probably more excited than he should be for Sasha Banks’ victory on Monday Night Raw, and he is very happy to let everyone know. After a few questions from Anthony, Mark explains his reason for celebrating is less about the individual victory, but what it means for the future of WWE. Or at least he hopes it is.

Before delving into the main topic, Anthony and Mark take a detour into video game discussion, and a certain phenomenon that is taking over the country: Pokemon Go. For the first time in the history of the podcast, Anthony is as into a game as Mark. This includes him being a much higher level, which he “blames” on having to walk his dog. Sure, it is, Ant.

Finally, our loveable heroes spend the next half hour discussing all of the things they found interesting at last week’s Comic Con. The focus was on DC and how they seemed to revitalize the movie part of their brand with just a slight tweak in tone. They both agree that the Justice League trailer was terrific and has sold them on the film, and that the story in the Wonder Woman trailer fell short despite the fact that Gal Gadot looks bad ass as the Amazon Princess. And in case you were wondering, yes, they do mention that Luke Cage trailer.

Please join us next time as Dan returns to yell at us for all of the bad opinions during this episode. We promise that you won’t want to miss it. Thanks everyone for listening, except you Jason Lively… 

Be sure to check out our website at for movie reviews and articles.  


The Main Damie Podcast - Swiss Army Man and Looking at the Rest of 2016 Film Releases

July 7, 2016

This week on The Main Damie Podcast, our faithful trio decides to focus on one topic, and they still find a way to spend an hour on it. Their discussion centers on movies, movies and movies. So I think if you like films, you will love this podcast.

We open this episode discussing what we've done since we last recorded. Most of the conversation focuses on our Fourth of July weekends, and the movies that we have seen over the past few weeks. Mark and Anthony discuss how they hung out on Sunday to avoid unwanted gatherings. We are also introduced to Mark’s new microphone, which is part one of a strategy that he has for bringing more content to the website. While he stays vague on what it is, he’s confident that it will be a positive addition.

Our movie discussion begins with a quick discussion on the movie Swiss Army Man starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Mark and Anthony have a lot to say about it, and you can read the latter’s thoughts on the website, but they keep things spoiler-free for Dan who has not seen the movie yet. He does step away for a few minutes so Mark can ask the one burning question about the movie that he has for Anthony.

This leads into a discussion about A24’s movies and how awesome they've been recently. Mark brings up that he now just trust whatever they put out, and will see it without much thought. It's a weird feeling and something that he hasn't ever thought about before when it comes to a movie studio.

Our lovable Damies spend the rest of the podcast discussing the highlights of the first six months of releases and what they are looking forward to the rest of the year. While they haven't seen a whole lot recently, and for good reason, they realize that’s because their most anticipated films of the year are slated to come out late summer/early fall. This is perfect for Mark, who usually waits until November to catch-up so that he can write a complete Top 10 list.

We hope that you enjoyed our midway point of 2016 movie catch up and look forward, and we will hopefully be back with our standard three topic episode starting next week. Thank you for listening and reading the site.


The Main Damie Podcast - Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Flash, and E3

June 17, 2016

On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, our lovable trio dives deep into the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and ask some thought provoking questions. But first they tread through a few quick topics ranging from texting gifs to Larry David, and maybe learn a little about each other in the process.

After the introductions, Mark explains why he enjoys answering text with gifs when a simple one word answer will do. Also, we find out that he does some strange things when he’s bored and just wants to troll his older sister.

They somehow find a way to transition from Mark’s little brother antics to a short convo on The Flash. Anthony flexes his recent comic book lore muscles, while Mark asks the most relevant question: Why doesn’t Reverse Flash run backwards?

Next, they pivot into a discussion about the recently announced ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Dan and Anthony are on board with Larry David bringing the series back to HBO, and have complete faith that he will do well. Mark, on the other hand, is worried that he may tarnish the legacy of the show, and even his status as a genius. Guys, he’s like really worried.

Finally, the gang discusses the topic of the show: E3. Mark excitedly begins the topic with the hyper-ness that can only come from lots of caffeine and four hours of sleep a night. The topic takes a strange turn when he shares his thoughts on VR, and well, um, I won’t spoil it. After getting it back on the rails, Mark hands out some winners and losers of the conference, including a discussion of Nintendo’s future.

If you haven’t already, please catch up on this week’s content on the site, and we hope you come back next week.



The Main Damie Podcast - Captain America and Debbie Gibson

June 3, 2016

Our faithful Damies return this week with the strangest combination of topics that they’ve ever put together for this site. They found a way to mix both comic books and 80s pop princess. To say it’s a unique episode would be an understatement.

The podcast begins with reviewing our Memorial Day weekends, and Mark reveals that he is now part of the Philadelphia Cornhole league – I’ll wait for you to finish with your clever jokes. Curious about this league, Anthony and Dan pepper Mark with questions concerning his newfound “athletic” endeavor, which ends with the humblest of brags from Anthony.

Our first topic is the more predictable of the two this week, as we discuss "Captain Hydra" and the ramifications of this plot twist. Dan and Anthony take a more traditional look at what it means for comic books and why a new storyline is probably something that the series has needed. Mark, on the other hand, finds a way to connect it to pro wrestling and feels that the heel turn by Steve Rogers is a very exciting turn of events, and he hopes the writers don't feel pressured to abandon their plan for this version of Captain America. 

The trio finishes topic one by discussing the rumored negotiations between Brie Larson and Marvel to be Captain Marvel in the upcoming solo film and the next Avengers movies. Mark immediately shows his excitement for this rumored casting as he explained why he is "a Brie Larson truther" and hopes that her the choice of Larson will be along the same lines as Robert Downey Jr. Dan and Anthony both see the positives of the Larson choice but also suggest other actresses that could also fill this role who are maybe a little more known to the general public.

After Dan has to leave, things take a turn for the weird as Mark brings along another of his semi-coherent topics and discusses -- you're reading this right -- Debbie Gibson. It all comes from discussing how different things in pop-culture are seen by the generations that follow their popularity. Mark went down a rabbit hole and discovered facts about Debbie Gibson’s time in the spotlight that would surprise even some of her original fans from the late 80s. Mark agrees that he doesn't really have an endgame for the topic and just wanted to throw out these thoughts to Anthony to see if understood where he was coming from (he didn’t) or if you had any other examples of similar things in movies or TV (he doesn’t).

Thus ends one of the stranger podcast we've ever recorded, so tune in next week when we surely will talk about film noir from the 1940s and 50s along with the rise and fall of the Atari home gaming system in the early 1980s. (Note these are not really topics for the next podcast. Or are they?)


The Main Damie Podcast - Ghostbusters Controversy, Supergirl Moves to CW, and #HoldtheDoor

May 26, 2016

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Your lovable Damies kick off the unofficial start of summer with an extra-long edition of The Main Damie podcast for your listening pleasure. After taking a week off, our fearless trio returns to discuss a ridiculous controversy involving the reboot of a popular movie franchise, where Marvel and DC should air their television shows, and another recap of Game of Thrones.

Our first topic deals with the ongoing controversy with the all-female Ghostbusters reboot. Mark, Dan, and Anthony all have different levels of enthusiasm about the new movie -- which is scheduled to release this summer -- but they all agree that the controversy is one of the dumbest things they've seen, especially the negative reactions that seem to come from a sexist place instead of a more critical lens. Dan lays out the perfect argument against the movie without resorting to mean, offensive hot takes, and explains why he’s not eager to see the film in theaters.

Drawing from a topic earlier in the year, Mark discusses the recent move of Supergirl from CBS to the CW. He wonders if broadcast TV is the right place for the superhero genre when shows such as Jessica Jones and Daredevil are doing so well on Netflix. Anthony explains that it's the same as all other television shows that attempt to produce 20+ episodes on broadcast television, especially in today's age of binge watching 10 to 13 episodes seasons over a two-to-three day period. Mark still holds out hope that maybe the traditional television model can change with the times, but he fears that they will go the way of print newspapers and be unable to understand why the climate has changed and how to fit in. Both agree that the shorter basic cable/Netfix model or the 3-6 episode miniseries, which is more popular on British television, is the right direction for American television to go.

Once again our final topic deals with the current season of Game of Thrones, so if you do not want spoilers this would be the point to turn off the podcast. Anthony and Dan go in on everything from the latest episode and what it means for the future of the series, especially the sad and interesting final sequence which took everyone by surprise and became an Internet sensation.

Really hope everyone takes advantage of the first three-day weekend of the summer and finds a nice place to relax, while listening to the this podcast of course. We will return next week with another fun episode that may talk about a certain reveal that happened yesterday (we recorded this on Monday), and what it means. Enjoy your weekend, and be sure to hold the door for your loved ones!