The Main Damie Podcast - Video Game Corner E3 Discussion, Wonder Woman, and Television Talk

June 13, 2017

Welcome back, faithful listeners. Your damies are back with a brand new edition, complete with video games, wedding talk, and even a Wonder Woman review from Dan Aquino. 

We start off with Mark and Dan waiting for Anthony, as they discuss what they’ve been up to: Dan’s still in the middle of wedding prep while Mark is getting ready to throw some axes.

From there, Mark takes Dan deep into Video Game Corner. As this was originally recorded last week, Mark gives his takes on the impending E3 press conference and what he expected from each big name participating in the event.

Anthony arrives midway through Video Game Corner, despite Skype’s best efforts, just in time to talk television. Mark’s been watching Riverdale, because of course he is, while Anthony makes some bold statements on where The Leftovers places among his favorite TV dramas of all-time. Dan is still watching Fargo, despite it not living up to previous seasons in his eyes, while Anthony is hoping it all comes together at the end.

From there, Dan gives us a quick review of Wonder Woman before he has to depart. On the whole Dan thought it is the best film in the DCEU, but feels the hype has gotten a little too big. (For more, listen to the show)

When Dan leaves, Mark and Anthony circle back to television. Anthony’s been bingeing Lost for the first time, killed some time with a revisit to the US version of The Office, and struggled to stick with Season 1 of Twin Peaks, which turns into a discussion of how much David Lynch is too much.

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The Main Damie Podcast - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 REVIEW!

May 19, 2017

On this episode of The Main Damie podcast, we return from a busy few weeks to discuss the only thing that matters, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and as usual, we spend more time on it than we anticipate. 

Before we jump into our main topic, we discuss what we have done since our last podcast, including celebrating the wedding of friends of the site, Nicole and Tom, and also take a trip to Video Game Corner. During the discussions, we learn than Dan doesn't like to be forced to dance, and Mark is upset that he won't be able to kill fashion moguls with fire axes anymore. 

We spend the second half-hour taking about Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and keep it mostly spoiler-free, but we highly recommend heeding our warning near the end. We finish the topic by going deep into spoilers, and discussing how we think the events of this film fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thank you for listening, and join us next time when Mark discusses what he expects from E3, and what it may mean for the rest of the year during Video Game Corner's preview of the marquee event. 

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The Main Damie Podcast - The Fate of the Furious Review and Trailer Reactions

April 18, 2017

On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, we reunite the family as Dan joins us to discuss everything from trailers to the newest Fast and Furious movie. We promise never to turn our backs on this family, unless you disrespect Pacific Rim, then Mark will politely ask you to 'cash him ousside'.

We open the show by updating you on our lives over the past few weeks, and we've done a lot of adulting; Dan is in the process of selling a house, Mark just leased a new car, and Anthony learned how to install a light switch. These situations run the spectrum from painless to frustrating, and only one of them included an electric shock.

Our opening topic deals with the many trailers that have been released in the last few weeks, and what impact they had on our interest level. The discussion starts with the first teaser for Star Wars Episode 8, and we transition into the new trailers from Marvel and DC. We also may or may not have made a plea for Chris Hemsworth and/or The Rock to officiate Dan's upcoming wedding. Let's just say the trailers topic had a few tangents.

Next we take a quick spin, or drift if you will, by Video Game Corner. Mark discusses his opinions on the restrictive Persona Five streaming rules that came down from Atlus, and why it is bad for the exposure of the game. He also quickly discusses the recently released specs for the Xbox Scorpio, which made the system almost a full-step past the current Xbox One.

We finish the episode talking about family, and not just any family, but Vin Diesel, The Rock and the rest of the Fast and Furious crew. This can only mean that Mark went to the theater, saw The Fate of the Furious and needed to talk about it. While it didn't surpass the last three movies, this installment did enough to make it an enjoyable time. In the rankings of Fast and Furious movies, the 8th one ranks about the middle of the pack, and if you're curious of Mark's rankings, stay till the end and you'll get the definitive breakdown of the series, and an extremely hot take.

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The Main Damie Podcast - Beauty and the Beast REVIEW, Power Rangers, and Conspiracy Theories

March 28, 2017

On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, we are short one Dan Aquino as he covers his all-time favorite sport, college basketball. Mark and Anthony soldier on without him, and cover everything from Power Rangers to conspiracy theories. We spent too much time on one of these topics; I'll let you guess which one.

Mark starts the show discussing his three-hour trip back to his childhood while watching the Twitch marathon of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. As usual, he dives too deep into the way the episodes are produced, and he shares his thoughts about the show's quality. Anthony joins Mark on this nostalgia trip as they discuss Power Ranger toys, how long they watched the series, and how Mark didn't own the movie on VHS. *Ron Howard voiceover* He did.

At this point, we transition ever so smoothly into our main topic: the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Mark and Anthony, who saw this movie at two completely different theaters with two completely different sets of people (we swear!), discuss whether the remake lives up to the animated movie, and if it's worthy of being this generation is Beauty in the Beast. They also spent some time on the controversy surrounding Josh Gad's character and why it wasn't such a big deal. Oh, and Anthony really didn't like a certain former Star Wars actor's performance in this film.

We take a quick trip to Video Game Corner, and discuss the failed launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Mark theorizes that it may have been rushed so that it would release before the end of the fiscal year, even though it probably needed at least six more months of production. We also update the sales figures for the Nintendo Switch, and how it's currently on a Wii-like trajectory. Despite early evidence, Mark believes that there's no way it ever matches the Wii's lifetime sales (101 Million), and he believes it would be a victory for Nintendo if it only passes GameCube's sales (21 Million).

The final topic needs very little set up because discussing it would spoil what we talk about. The topic is conspiracy theories: those that we believe, and those that we find most fascinating. Mark brings up a long-held grudge in his family against Christopher Walken, and Anthony has a trio of theories that he quite enjoys. We would love to hear your favorite conspiracy theories, and whether you actually believe them or not.

We will return next episode with the biggest March Madness fan we know, Dan, and hopefully Mark will spend 25 minutes previewing The Fate of the Furious (it's about family, you know). Hope you enjoy the episode and we will see you in two weeks!

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The Main Damie Podcast - Logan SPOILERS! Plus Nintendo Switch and Childhood Memories

March 13, 2017

On this edition of The Main Damie podcast, our lovable trio discusses everything from remembering the time that Goldberg first won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to why it was awesome that Logan finally was allowed to chop off limbs.

We begin this episode with a throwback to previous topics where we discussed something random that really has nothing to do with video games, movies, or comic books. This time, Mark was curious about what random fact do you remember as clearly as if it happened yesterday. He discusses his 13th birthday (he mistakenly says 12th in the podcast) in which he witnessed Goldberg finally beat Hollywood Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship, and celebrated with his neighbor. Anthony, with only about 15 minutes of preparation, remembered the first night that he saw a rated R movie, and the exact Simpsons episode that aired that night too.

Our trip down Memory Lane brings right to Video Game Corner, and our biweekly look in the world video games. Mark begins this segment by discussing the recent release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Nintendo Switch, which for the most part has been smooth, but it has had some rather unique issues. He also reveals our intention to expand our Twitch streaming and YouTube presence since we are now fully capable of doing both without worry.

As we leave Video Game Corner, we meet Dan and begin our long discussion about Logan. As we warn in the podcast, this discussion is spoiler heavy as we give our thoughts on this terrific movie. Since our discussion took almost half of the podcast, we would say the movie is definitely worth seeing. Without getting into any spoilers here, it is the most excited the three of us have been after seeing a movie. There's no contrary opinion; it is a unanimous decision that Logan is not only one of the best comic book movies in recent years but in general, a good movie regardless of genre. Editor’s Note: You can read our Logan review HERE as well.

We thank you for listening, and hopefully next time we will be as excited about our topics as this one, but there's a better chance we will return to our cynical nature. It's obviously why you love us.


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The Main Damie Podcast - Changes to the Site, Video Game Corner, The Batman Solo Film

February 28, 2017

After a winter's worth of hibernation, the crew at the Main Damie awaken with a new episode of the podcast just in time for Spring. We take a bit to get back into the groove but after a few minutes, it back to the same old dumpster truck on fire. We touch on our old stand-bys -- video games and comic book movies -- but we also update everyone on our new endeavor: video content. 

Now that they are all "gamers", the gang spends the first section of the podcast talking about video games. Mark opens with an update on the site's expansion into Twitch Streaming, and what the future holds for the YouTube channel. He hopes to increase the output of the two channels now that everyone has more experience with this type of content. If you are not already, follow us on twitter (@themaindamie) for updates on everything Twitch and YouTube.

We then take a trip to Video Game Corner where the release of the Nintendo Switch has crept up on all of us. With so many new releases since the last episode, Mark focuses on those that have been more noteworthy, including Resident Evil VII and Horizon: Zero Dawn. He also introduces a new segment which focuses more on the news side of the industry, and spends some time discussing ZeniMax's in court win against Oculus. We also dive deep into Anthony's new love of GTA V.

The second half of the episode is spent talking about upcoming comic book movies with most of the focus on the upcoming Ben Affleck Batman solo project. Since he is an expert on all things Batman, Dan beautifully breaks down the reasons behind the switch in directors and the hope that they may have righted the ship in the DC Cinematic Universe. Also, Dan believes you can't screw up Batman, which may be true, but we'd love to hear what you think.

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The Main Damie Podcast - Fantastic Beasts, Video Games, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

December 6, 2016

Our brave leaders return from the Fortress of Solitude to deliver a new episode of The Main Damie Podcast. After an extended break, Senior Editors Mark and Dan, along with Editor-in-Chief Anthony, are back and better (?) than ever.

We begin the episode with a quick catching up segment where we learn more about Mark's streaming over at, Dan's movie adventures and Anthony's one trip outside the house. Most of the discussion surrounds Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the two different reactions from Anthony and Dan's significant others.

After talking about Eddie Redmayne's acting, we take our law mandated trip to Video Game Corner. Mark opens with his early thoughts on Final Fantasy XV, and why it was worth the 10-year wait. The discussion move to a breakdown of The Game Awards (aka The Keighley's), and this weekend's PlayStation Experience in Anaheim. But it wouldn't be a Video Game Corner without Anthony asking about No Man's Sky, so Mark explains what the new Foundation Patch includes and rants on the backlash against Hello Games. 

We turn onto a small alley near Video Game Corner to investigate why our Editor-in-Chief purchased a PlayStation 4 during Black Friday. Mark congratulates him on finally getting back in to the video game world, and wonders how he's enjoying it after skipping two console generations. Anthony shares his thoughts on both Uncharted 4 and Life is Strange (The Main Damie's Game of the Year 2015) and how he is pleasantly surprised with consoles multimedia features. 

It wouldn't be The Main Damie Podcast if we didn't discuss comic book movies, and this time we even avoid talking about the Joker. Our choice to discuss this wasn't without merit as Marvel released the kick-ass trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 on Saturday. This leads into multiple tangents that include everything from Fast 8 to Max Landis (we don't even know how). The tl;dr of this topic, we are excited for the 2017 releases. 




The Main Damie Podcast - The Best of the Extra Life Video Game Marathon

November 11, 2016

Hello, our faithful Damies, 

This week, we have an extra special, extra long podcast for you, compliments of the Extra Life Video Game Marathon.

For those of you that do not know, on November 5th, we participated in the Extra Life Video Game Marathon, a 24-hour gaming marathon that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals all across America. For our stream, we decided to donate directly to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a charity near and dear to Mark’s heart.

What you’ll hear for this podcast is a compilation of stuff we decided to record during the day, as well as some interstitial audio of Anthony and Mark setting up the clip. We talk everything from Lex Luger, Maniac Mansion, and the universe of The Fast and the Furious movie franchise. See below for timestamps, so you can skip to the parts you want to hear.

Additionally, while the marathon may have come and gone, we are still accepting donations for our campaign now through the end of the year. You can visit to donate and can visit our Youtube page to watch all the marathon madness.


0 – 11:58: Anthony and Mark open the podcast with their usual introductions and give a bit of a background of the idea to do the Extra Life marathon and any major takeaways they may have had after their 1st year participating in the marathon.

11:59 – 50:49: The first live section from the marathon day, Anthony and Mark introduce Tom to the marathon and to the listeners as Mark and Tom play some Rocket League. Talks transition to their own personal histories of gaming, including favorite games, systems, and how young they were when they started to understand it all. 

50:50 – 59:25: Anthony and Mark come back to set up the next clip and talk about their impressions of WWE 2K17, which was a first play for both of them. 

59:26 - 1:26:30: Mark and Tom prepare for a 6-man TLC match on WWE 2K17, which naturally leads to a talk about wrestling. Mark and Tom are lifers, even attending some local shows, while Anthony tapped out of wrestling before the Attitude Era. They discuss past wrestling games, the state of the WWE now, and Lex Luger’s mom jeans.

1:26:30 – 1:32:10: Anthony and Mark set up the next clip, which was an unintended addition to the podcast. They talk about why the clip was added and a little bit about the next game: Vin Diesel’s Wheelman. It’s an airjacking good time. 

1:32:10 – 1:59:52: While Mark is in dispose, Tom and Anthony stare at an install screen for Vin Diesel’s Wheelman. This turns into a vamped discussion about Marvel movies, The Fast and the Furious, and the bro-dude culture of the early 2000’s.

1:59:52 – 2:02:17: Even though he knows he should cut the next section for time, Anthony explains why he felt it necessary to put the next part in. This section leads them to talk about how their bodies reacted to the late night video gaming.

2:02:17 – 2:33:50: Mark fires up Mafia III and tries to engage Anthony in a discussion about race relations and its depiction in movies and video games, the difference between movies shot in the 70s and movies that depict the 70s and Anthony is having none of it.

2:33:50 – End: Anthony and Mark share their final thoughts on how the campaign went and look ahead to the next year and beyond.


The Main Damie Podcast - Nintendo Switch and Trailers for Logan and Guardians of the Galaxy 2

October 24, 2016

On this episode of The Main Damie Podcast, we get a report from Dan on New York Comic Con, take a stroll to Video Game Corner, and discuss the two most recent comic book movies trailers. We open the podcast giving more details on our Extra Life Charity Marathon, which will take place on November 5th at 9 a.m. To donate, please visit our fundraising page at If you cannot donate, we hope you tune in and watch the craziness at

We begin our topics with Dans man-on-the-street report from New York Comic Con. Despite having fun while he was there, he noticed that it was less enjoyable than years past. We discuss what cosplay outfit he saw, and the practicality of bringing a fake (?) sword to a public event. He also gleefully tells about finally meeting his idol, and getting a photo with them.

Our visit to Video Game Corner begins with a discussion on Nintendos new system the Switch. Mark also gives us his final review on both 100ft Robot Golf and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and previews some games coming soon. He also shares his thoughts on the reveal of Red Dead Redemption 2 and why Rockstar failed to deliver with its trailer for the game.

We finish this episode with a lengthy discussion on both the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser and the Logan trailer. Everyone agree that while the Guardians trailer was good, it didnt do enough to bring in those who werent already buying tickets. With all that said, the jacket on little Groot is badass. On the other hand the Logan trailer has us thoroughly excited for a good standalone Wolverine film.


Since this is the last show before our 24 hour livestream, here is the address for our fundraising page: We hope you enjoyed this episode, and make sure you tune in November 5th at to watch us slowly lose our mind.



The Main Damie Podcast - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Joe Paterno, and Superhero Movie Talk

September 26, 2016

On this episode of The Main Damie podcast, Mark and Anthony are joined by Dan, whose schedule has finally settled down enough that he is able to join us. We catch up with him, and learn that he is considering seeing a remake of a 17 year old horror movie. Then, we spend most of the first half talking about Brangelina.

Our first topic is another stroll to Video Game Corner, and Mark updates everyone on what he’s been playing and he tries again to explain No Man’s Sky to Anthony. He also gives an update on his progress with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and will hopefully have a final review by the next episode. We also use this time to solve a moral conundrum for Dan.

Topic two is the most serious one that we’ve had on the podcast (unless you count the 20 minutes of Debbie Gibson talk), and something that both Anthony and Mark have a connection to. Surprisingly, Dan leads us into a discussion about Joe Paterno and the honoring of him before the Temple-Penn State game. As alumnae of the University, the duo has plenty to say about this issue, and we get to see their more serious side until Mark unknowingly breaks the tension.

Our final topic is a hodgepodge of different news items and updates on website content. We begin with superhero movie speculation, then transition into Mark’s yearly TV pilot plans and we finish with an update on our Extra Life Gaming Marathon for charity.

For more details on how to donate you can visit our Extra Life page at  Remember, you can donate anytime between now and December 31st, and the marathon will be held on November 5th. 

If you’ve read this far, then I’ll let you know that we didn’t talk about Brangelina. The Main Damie is obviously #TeamAniston.